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What to do When You Need Emergency Dental

September 25, 2019

Do you think that you might require emergency dental treatment in Auburn California? This can be a worrying time and it’s important not to panic. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the services of an emergency dentist.

Recognize The Signs

You should also consider emergency treatment if typical pain medications are not working. This is quite common if a wisdom tooth is impacting on other teeth in your mouth and putting pressure on them. Another sign that you need emergency treatment would be if you notice that one or more of your teeth feel loose. This could be after an impact or injury and an injury is a common reason why people typically will seek out emergency treatment. You might also be bleeding profusely from your mouth. While some bleeding can be normal after either flossing or brushing your teeth, bleeding without reason is a clear sign of a serious issue. Be aware some people will also seek out emergency dental treatment to get an unsightly issue fixed quickly.

Find An Emergency Dentist

To find an emergency dentist in Auburn California, you need to explore a service that provides emergency appointments. Be aware this will mean that you won’t have to wait for treatment and it’s not a solution that every dentist is able or willing to offer. Some will expect you to wait with the rest. Some will also charge a premium for emergency treatment. An emergency dentist may also offer you treatment outside of typical office hours. That can be exactly what you need and ensure that you don’t need to wait until the next day. A dentist will typically advertise this on their site.

North Auburn Dentistry offers Emergency Dental services. Please check our hours below and call our office to get emergency treatment (530) 392-4132.


If you are struggling to find an emergency dentist to provide the treatment you require in Auburn CA, then do consider contacting your doctor or health provider. They will typically be aware of local emergency dentists so that they can provide patients with options for specialist treatments. They will also make sure that you are provided with a high-quality solution which isn’t always a guarantee. The best emergency dentist will work fast to alleviate your pain while also making sure that you do receive a high standard of care.

We hope this helps you understand what to do when you need an emergency dentist. Don’t panic, search for one that is available at the hours you need and if in doubt ask a health specialist for a recommendation. Do this and you’ll have no issues getting the treatment that you need.

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