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Teeth whitening Services in Auburn, CA

April 15, 2020

Have you always wanted a dazzling smile that would make Hollywood jealous? Do you often wonder why a teeth whitening service is necessary? Let’s face it - lots of people want to whiten their teeth, but never get around to it. Usually, it’s because you see it as pointless or vain. After all, conventional wisdom says that the only reason to treat discoloration is to feel better about your appearance. Although a teeth whitening service is excellent for making your pearly whites look brand new, there is more to the process in Auburn, California than you may imagine. Read on to learn more.

How Does A Teeth Whitening Service Help?

There is a mental health issue with yellow or discolored teeth. People feel as if they can’t smile or laugh because they are self-conscious about their oral health. If you fall into this category, eliminating discoloration is a simple and effective technique to boost your self-esteem. Within 30 minutes or less, a bleaching agent will attack the invaders and enhance your smile without any invasive tools or procedures.

Why Can’t You Do It Yourself?

It is possible to whiten your teeth without the help of a dentist in the Auburn, California, region. However, you receive a solution that is regulated and certified when you opt for a professional. Also, you know that the person applying the treatment is a qualified doctor who you can trust and rely on to do a great job.

Don’t let the cost impact your decision, either. It’s tempting to assume that home teeth whitening kits are more affordable, yet this isn’t always the case. Today, the average cost of a teeth whitening service is less than $400. Included in the price is peace of mind concerning the results, results that are delivered in under 30 minutes.

That’s why we recommend going with an expert that you can trust.

How Does It Work?

Using a gum shield to protect your gums, a solution of hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth. Then, dentists usually shine an ultraviolet light on the area to activate the bleaching. The solution is left on for up to half an hour in most circumstances, but the duration depends on specific criteria. For example, it could take up to 2 hours for a teeth whitening service to repair discoloration on veneers or crowns.

Once the process is finished, your teeth should be instantly whiter. Plus, the solution continues to work after the fact, meaning you can expect improved results in the future.

Are There Side-Effects?

Patients report some side-effects. Typically, they include sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks after the solution has been applied. However, please note that it doesn’t last forever. Within 1 to 3 hours, the sensation should subside.

Another side-effect is that a teeth whitening service isn’t guaranteed to work on the following:

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Dentures

North Auburn Dentistry: A Teeth Whitening Service In Auburn, California

Our professional team will ensure that you leave the office with a dazzling smile that will make you feel confident again. All you need to do is to contact our clinic today and speak to an advisor.

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